Meeting Minutes – April 2014

PTO Minutes – April 22, 2014

Meeting opened at 7:11 pm, Minutes read by Diane Mastrole, accepted by Joann Lapinski and seconded by Dawn Baynon

Treasurers Report read by Deb Perez:
Checking Account: $15,516.15
Tennis Court Fund: $40,031.99

Deb Timpone – reported that the Chinese Auction raised $15,456 which will go towards the tennis court fund. She thanked the male administration and teachers for dancing which raised $56.00. Thank to all that came.

Thank you to Mrs. Percoco who got Speonk Lumber to donate building supplies to the Elementary School Garden.

Nominations made by Deb Timpone for PTO Board:

Debbie Perez – nominated for Treasurer – accepted by Kim Squazzin and seconded by Faith Lidonicci and Dawn Baynon
Diane Mastrole – nominated for Secretary – accepted by Kim Squazzin and seconded by Faith Lidonicci and Dawn Baynon
Dawn Baynon – nominated for Vice President – accepted by Kim Squazzin and seconded by Faith Lidonicci and Sue Oldring

Rachel Croce will not be running for re-election. We will miss you Rachel.

Fundraiser Updates:

Fun Fair/Field Day – Middle School – chaired by Joann Lapinski – everything on track an ready to go.

Fun Fair/Field Day – Elementary School – chaired by Dawn Baynon- lunch will be in the courtyard that day – tents will not be able to be used – volunteers still needed.

Box Tops/Terracycle – chaired by Faith Lidonicci – deadline is this friday. May is the last month for box tops for this year.
Bootcamp – chaired by Kim Brehm- she had 18 people in the class and has a check for the PTO

3rd & 4th Grade Sweatheart Dance chaired by Deb Timpone- was a success. Thank you to Bart and the custodial staff – next year we will need more volunteers

Upcoming Fundraisers:

Change of date for Flower Power – chaired by Tammy Stein and Deb Timpone an email will be going out.

Mixed Bags – chaired by Sue Oldring – check newsletter for dates and contact info.

School Calendar – pre-order form will be going out – check newsletter

Ongoing Events:

Spirit Wear Sale – ongoing

Chairpersons and Volunteers need for a variety of events

Other News:

Deb Timpone announced that the National Honor Society needs $600 in their budget. They do not fundraise. All money goes to planning and organizing that night. Vote approved

The meeting was turned over to Mr. Carlson to present on the Math Curriculum for the upcoming school year. He also presented on the Kahn Academy.

Over to Dr. Russo – for a presentation on the projected budget – final approval for the budget will be tomorrow.

Deb Timpone motioned to adjourn meeting accepted by Sue Oldring and seconded by Kim Squazzin at 8:34pm.

Diane Mastrole
2014/ Interim Secretary

WRITTEN BY: creekside